Vivian H
    Vivian H. Medford, OR

    I just want to say thank you so much to Paula Tobler and Sam for doing a great job for me. The other party was a bit of a pain but they stayed on them amidst all the back and forth nonsense.
    I truly appreciate them going the extra mile I’m just glad I went with my gut feeling when I hired them to help me.
    thank you all again for your patience.

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    Brandon K
    Brandon K. Suisun City, CA

    So many cases out there so, yet so many have been declined! Thanks to Mr Richard Gibbs for being the one who listens and DOES decide to take my case. I’m an epileptic employee who for several months has been discriminated against for some time and this wonderful law group took my case above all others and is very much willingly to make sure justice is done to my previous employer.
    Thank you guys so much you’re the best!

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    Dominic B
    Dominic B. Tracy, CA

    I had the pleasure of working with Kevin throughout my case. He was always quick to return calls, emails and any questions as the process was going through The whole process didn’t take near as long as expected and I believe they worked very hard to obtain an agreement in a very timely manner. Kevin kept me up to date as the process continued and I can’t thank him and his firm enough for a quick and equitable solution to our dispute. I think they kept themselves transparent and professional and offered genuine honest advice when asked for a no nonsense answer to all my questions.
    I hope I won’t need anything like this in the future, but I’m sure to call them first if I do!

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    Giovinni A
    Giovinni A. Daly City, CA

    They did a great job of helping me get the settlement I deserved! I am really happy with the results and it was great to know the Abramson Labor Group are on top there work and always there when I called. I highly suggest call them if you have any issues with an employer big or small. Even if you don’t think it is worth making a phone call to them I was say do it anyways just because you never know what the end result will be.

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    Dameon D.
    Dameon D. Los Angeles, CA

    It has been such a pleasure working with your firm. Each person I spoke to in the process was professional, great customer service and more importantly amazing listeners! The service was timely and Ashley provided me with real-time updates as she went through the case and provided me the best best options in my opinion. I truly felt like she gave me realistic expectations, was on my side and together we would get through the process has painless a possible.

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    Christina C
    Christina C. Sacramento, CA

    Everyone was extremely professional, positive, motivational, compassionate, and dedicated to helping me take a stand in a personal victory. Thank you especially to Ariela. I would definitely recommend Abramson Labor Group to anyone looking to right some wrongs with unethical companies.

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    Anthony V
    Anthony V. Lodi, CA

    Thank you for accepting my case so quickly and with such ease, I look forward closing my case. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and giving me information to help me rest easy knowing that I am in good hands. Like myself I suggest to anyone going through negative situations at your work place to make sure and document everything so to give your lawyers a better fighting chance, doing this will give you a much better outcome most of the time. I pray for a speedy process do to the fact I don’t have the desire to be dragged through the mud any more than I already have been. I’m glad to have such a strong law firm on my side handling my case, I look forward to working with everyone. I will post an up date at the end of my case with better details on how things went and the outcome. I did want to share that the communication I have had back and forth with the team at this firm has been outstanding, so professional, so kind and always going the extra mile. Thank you all so much for helping to relieve so much stress off of my family and I.

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    Ranelle M
    Ranelle M. Rancho Cordova, CA

    I recommend this company to any individual dealing with employment injustice, very caring, persistent people willing to solve the matters at hand. I’d like yo thank Bardia personally for sticking with my claim and being available any time I had a question or concern. He always followed up with me, made sure to collect all the facts and after time passed we came out successful 10 out of 10! Abramson Labor Group will always be my go to for employment legal matters.

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    Saphia S
    Saphia S. Oakland, CA

    Thank you Abramson Labor Group for settling my case. It took some time because opposing parties can be difficult and I think my case got pushed to other lawyers in the group, but it was totally free to get the ball rolling. Some companies are so corrupt and I am happy that they stuck it out and went through the struggle to settle my case. Now I have a little extra cash and piece of mind knowing that I didn’t get exploited as a worker. It really took not much effort on my part but a couple of emails and documents and then all I had to do was live my best life and wait for the fantastic call I got today stating that my case was settled. Thank you again. Keep up the good work

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    Nathan L. Los Angeles, CA

    Happy with the result of their work. Would recommend using them for disputes with your boss.

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    David C
    David C. Oakland, CA

    Honest and straight forward about everything never did they hide anything from me and settled everything quick for me

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    Sylvia S
    Sylvia S. San Bruno, CA

    I have had nothing but a great experience working with this office. They have exceeded my expectations in everyway. Very professional, and closed matters quickly.

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